Welcome to Gjirokastra

Gjirokastra is 232 km from Tirana. It is situated in southern Albania, 31 km from Greek Border at Kakavija, and 56 km from the seaside city of Saranda. Gjirokastra is a steep city, extending from the floor of the Drino Valley, up the east face of Mali i Gjere. The city of Gjirokastra is the center of Gjirokastra District, which includes the town of Libohova, and the communes of Antigone, Lower Dropull, Upper Dropull, Lazarat, Lunxheria, Odrie, Picar, Pogon, and Zagori. Gjirokastra County is much bigger, encompassing Permet, Tepelena, Memaliaj, and Kelcyra. The region’s different religions, including Islam, Bektashi, Eastern Orthodox, and Roman Catholic, live in perfect harmony. Ethnically, the majority is of course Albanian, but the region has a substantial Greek minority and smaller communities of Vlach and Roma.