Information for tourists about coronavirus

Current travel situation in Albania At the moment there are canceled all flights from Tirana to other destinations. The borders are closed. Please check for information at All ferry travels are cancelled. Albania is in totally lock down.  Bar, restaurants, museums, galleries, theaters are temporary closed. Now citizens can go out to do their […]

Visit GJirokastra

Digital Marketing in Tourism – B2B meetings in Gjirokastra

On 9 March in Gjirokastra was organized a B2B event between tourism businesses in Gjirokastra and 3 service providers in digital marketing sector The event was organized by Visit Gjirokastra association and supported by Risi Albania. The aim of this meeting was to see and identify the needs of tourism businesses in Gjirokastra, including hotels, […]

Gjirokastra city

Gjirokastra, the unique place in Balkans- El Pais

Albania until very recently has remained away from the tourist map . But now Albanians want to show themselves to the world and to teach their beauties, both cultural and natural. And it should be done before mass tourism discovers it.  This is how the well known Spanish newsletter El Pais describe Albania reccomending spanish […]


The Carnival Day- evoking the “Day of Prosopullave”

Gjirokastra will have now a new yearly event, every 21th of February, – The Carnival DAY. For the first time after 90 years, Gjirokastra evoked an old traditional festive day. The city exploded with colors, decorations, funny masks and the happy voices of kids. The sun added more splendid rays to the celebrations. 10 schools […]


The legend of Viroi Park

Viroi Park is linked underground with Skotini Cave, which is situated in Dropull area, 10 km distance from each other. There is a legend for Viroi Park and Skotini Cave. Once the women of Dropulli take the fresh water only in the Skotini Cave, which has the the clearest drinking water in the area. Due […]

Visit GJirokastra

The first Assembly of Visit Gjirokastra Association

Promoting Gjirokastra region as a one tourist destination, was the focus of the first Assembly meeting of Association Visit Gjirokastra, organized at Cajupi Hotel, on 28th January 2020. The aim of this meeting was to invite all the touristic businesses of Gjirokastra region, in 7 municipalities (Gjirokaster, Permet, Tepelene, Kelcyre, Dropull, Memaliaj, Libohovë) to work […]

Ismail Kadare

The Doll by Ismail Kadare – a story of difficult love in Gjirokastra

The Guardian is dedicating a full article to one of the latest novel of Ismail Kadare, tittle “The Doll”. The book explores his relationship with his mother and bittersweet memories of homeplace Gjirokastra. Here is how article begins: “At first acquaintance, Ismail Kadare’s autobiographical novel can be read as an elegant, slightly bittersweet coming-of-age memoir, […]


Climbing to Murgana Mountain, Dropull area

Gjirokastra region is surrounded by mountains, beautiful forests, waterfalls, rivers and valleys. Hiking and climbing activities or walking amid beautiful nature are a great opportunity to combine culture tourism of UNESCO city, with nature tours. Many local tour operators are offering outdoors tours in various part of Gjirokastra region. A group of people hiked the […]