Gjirokastra, one of 21 reasons to visit Albania

There are 21 Reasons You Need To Visit Albania Before It Becomes Super Popular. Only if you like pristine beaches, mountain adventures, cheap drinks, and delicious food. According to BuzzFeed, an article of Jemima Skelley lists the places everyone should see while visiting Albania. Of course, Gjirokastra and Permet are among 21 things she recommends.  […]

A taste of Albania, horse-riding in mountains of Gjirokastra

In October 2019, Equus team member Iris visited our partners in Albania and joined one of the last trail rides of the season (Ancient Mountain Trails). These are her impressions from this trail, taking place in the mountains near Gjirokastra, in the south. ** One raki a day keeps the doctor away”. This unconventional twist […]

Ali Pashe Tepelena-Castle Visit gjirokastra

Who was Ali Pasha Tepelena according to Robert Elsie

  He was the ruler of Janina and Southern Albania. Born in Beçisht, near Kelcyra. His father, Veli Bey and his grandfather Muhtar Bey, had ruled in Tepelena. Ali made a name for himself in early years as a bandit, and was affiliated with Bektashi Order of Dervishes. In 1784 he managed to seize the […]


A local solution for a global problem: The Visit Gjirokastra Association

The headlines are full of negative news about tourism and its destructive effects. Not only is it destroying top destinations, it’s also fueling unfair competition and informality in business practices. Yet, not everything is doom and gloom. Having a bottom-up partnership for managing tourism destination in Albania, for example, has proved to have opposite effects to […]


The hotel where Viktor Emanuel slept 78 years ago

Mauro Mauri is an Italian journalist, who is in love with the city of Gjirokastra. It was very interesting to learn what are the reasons he visits so often this city, and especially the same hotel, which is not in good conditions today. Mauro is a culture and tourism journalist and comes from Briancia, a […]

‘Albania works the land’ fair

Touristic businesses from Gjirokastra participated in the biggest Agricultural Fair in Albania, “Albania Works the Land” organized in Tirana by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development from November 16th -17th 2019. The event aimed to build networking channels between local farmers and agribusiness of Albania with national and international markets providers. For producers from Gjirokastra, […]

Ali Pasha Aqueduct Bence Tepelene

The cultural heritage of ‘Ali Pashe Tepelena’

Ali Pashe Tepelena was one most famous Albanian ruler in the years 1700- 1800. Despite his complicated figure in politics, he carried out considerable construction in both Epirus and Albania, including road building, bridges and castles, some of them are still resistant nowadays. The new roads he built helped the economy and trade among Albanians […]

Visit Gjirokastra at philoxenia

Visit Gjirokastra participates at Thessaloniki tourism fair 

Tourism businesses of Gjirokastra  exhibited at Philoxenia, a regional /international tourism fair in Thessaloniki, in Greece. Visit Gjirokastra Association Board invited tourism businesses of Gjirokastra to jointly participate under the stand of Visit Gjirokatra, and around 32 businesses embraced this initiative to be present in the fair with their promotional materials. Two partner municipalities of […]