Traditional food

The food and people of Gjirokastra

Gjirokastra is famous for its food. The delicious cuisine is the result of high quality and often organic ingredients prepared by talented cooks. The cuisine has distinct Ottoman roots with its use of local oils, spices, herbs and especially sauces. Gjirokastrans can produce many variations of dishes using only a few basic ingredients. Typical dishes […]


History and nature tour in villages of Bureto Mountain

Gjirokastra is already known as a culture heritage destination. Being a UNESCO site, it is the most visited town in Albania for  many decades. But Gjirokastra has much more to see and visit. We decided to travel in villages of Bureto Mountain, amid beautiful nature and spectacular view of Drino Valley. We started our tour […]


This magnificent gorge lies between Këlcyrë and Dragot with a length of 13 km. It forms a deep canyon with a depth up to 1,000 meters. The Mezhgoran and Dragot caves are located on the east side of the gorge. Along the river, tourists can admire many underground springs, including the Black Water of Këlcyrë, [...]


Known since antiquity, the name “Bënjë” originates from the word “spa,” from which the nearby village of Bënjë also takes its name. The thermal waters of Bënjë are fed from deep tectonic fractures, and to date, six sources have been identified. The waters contain chloro-sodium-calcium and maintain a temperature of 32°C and a flow of [...]

Artisans/ Handicrafts

Edua Gjirokaster EDua is a social business, in the heart of the old bazaar, which is promoting and selling the typical Albanian products, organic products made by farmers and artisans in the region. All the products are fresh and prepared according to old tradition. In our shop we present not only the product but also […]

Oda E Hasan Beut

A traditional restaurant in the entrance of Tepelene. Inside you may see a lot of photos of famous people who have been here. Proper parking lot and a little play ground in the garden for kids to play which is always a plus


Here there are some restaurants serving mostly the traditional food. It serves as a stopping station for all the people who travel in the national road Tirana-Gjirokastra and vice versa. The cold water flowing from springs is always in the table to accompany your food

Visit the city and Ali Pasha Castle

Since you entering the City you will see the Monument of Ali Pashe Tepelena, the men who has his fortress in the city and that is why the City took his Name Tepelena. You can walk in the pedestrian center of the city which is restored lately. At the end we can see the Castle [...]