Climbing to Murgana Mountain, Dropull area

Gjirokastra region is surrounded by mountains, beautiful forests, waterfalls, rivers and valleys. Hiking and climbing activities or walking amid beautiful nature are a great opportunity to combine culture tourism of UNESCO city, with nature tours. Many local tour operators are offering outdoors tours in various part of Gjirokastra region. A group of people hiked the last weekend in Murgana Mount, which is part of a range mountains in the border between Greece and Albania. The highest elevation is 1806 m above the sea level.

There are some forests and valleys in the highest peaks. The nearest village is Sotira. You can go by car until you reach this village and then you leave the car there, and start hiking, for 4 hours. The path goes along the forest of Sotira in a protected area. People who want to do this tour, should be trained for hiking. And they need a local tour guide, such as ‘Alpinistët e Gjirokastrës’, who do this tour regularly. When you reach the mountain of Murgana you will be rewarded by the breathtaking beauty.

This mountain has a history, because it is the place where during the troubled years of 90s, many emigrants passed this border to go in Greece. Since the mountain is very difficult area, there were no many police border, and it was the easiest way to go but in the same time the most difficult one. There are some big stones still showing the border.

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on Jan 13, 2020