Dhoksat, authentic village of Lunxheria

Lunxheri, Gjirokaster
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Dhoksat is one of the most authentic villages in the region of Lunxhëri. The village nowadays preserves the original urban configuration, with cobblestone roads and traditional houses. As you approach the village by the local road, what catches your attention is the Çuçaj House, located at a dominating spot. The two-story stone house, with slate roofing tiles and a typical plastered volume on the 1st floor that come out of the main facade, was built in 1860, a date engraved on two corner-stones found in the main facade. The same date was painted on the plaster, above the windows, but after numerous interventions, it has disappeared. The two-sided structure, resembles buildings in Gjirokastra and is witnesses the high level of craftsmanship and the economic status of village in this period. Generally, the ground floor was mostly used for storage, with closed spaces, small windows and no decorations, while the 1st floor was used as a living area with a guest room, a fireplace, and other living and auxiliary spaces, that have more lighting, large windows and is carefully decorated. The Çuçaj House has been declared a Cultural Monument of Ist Category in 1983 for its architectural and cultural values. Although the house has undergone partial reconstructions, it still preserves the volume and aesthetic values. The owners here are very welcoming and the house can be visited.