Gjirokastra, one of 21 reasons to visit Albania

There are 21 Reasons You Need To Visit Albania Before It Becomes Super Popular. Only if you like pristine beaches, mountain adventures, cheap drinks, and delicious food. According to BuzzFeed, an article of Jemima Skelley lists the places everyone should see while visiting Albania. Of course, Gjirokastra and Permet are among 21 things she recommends.  Here a summary of her article:

The people are extremely friendly

There aren’t even words to describe how welcoming Albanians are. Walking into shops will inevitably end in a 10-minute chat with the shopkeeper, and waiters and bartenders will sit with you and talk all night. Every local wants to make sure travelers are having a good time in their country, and will bend over backwards to help you out.

It’s got beautiful old towns

Gjirokastër is a UNESCO-listed town set up in the hills. You can wander through the cobblestone streets up to the fortress on top of the hill, which offers breathtaking views over the valleys below.

Spend time at natural hot springs set in remote mountain ranges

The Benja hot springs near Përmet are a challenge to get to, but oh-so worth it. Especially when you get them to yourself.

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