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    Guided buggy tour of Gjirokastra town is a 4×4 ideal offer for exploring our historical town in a totally fun way.
    Its four wheels will take you on special roads to enjoy adrenaline driving through medieval roads, steep up and downhills and some off road narrow paths.
    Two panoramic stops along the tour are ideal for taking pictures.
    Our vehicles provide great security and are suitable even for beginners.

    You can book an 1 hour tour every day

    -At 9am


    -At 18 pm

    Price & Conditions

    Price per person: 27 Euro ( if 2 share a vehichle)

    Price per person: 37 Euro (if driving alone)

    Note: To ensure the safety fo the group, the tour guide(s) retain the right to replace a vehicle driver, if they feel that their driving is dangerous and does not comply with our safety guidelines.

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