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    Even  Drinking Coffee in Gjirokastra  is better enjoyed in stone.

    It is recommended to drink this coffee to taste the typical life of Gjirokastra. This  is the major part of the centuries-old tradition of the stone coffee ceremony in Gjirokastra. To  drink this coffee you can be part of the whole process from roasting it on the fire, grinding it on a coffee stone and tasting it on mahogany.

    Drinking coffee on a stone is a rare experience, which can only happen in Gjirokastra, in the “stone city” where the eye sees cobbled streets, high stone houses, roofs  with stone slabs and of course coffee  made in stone.

    This is one of the early traditions of Gjirokastra, where the coffee ceremony has a special importance. You will become part of its roasting in one of the shopping alleys, after the fire is lit with oak wood and the kebab is filled with coffee beans. You will experience a sensation that will take you back in time. Then , it will be pressed on the carved limestone, extracted from the minerals of the Çullos stream.  According to the tradition that coffee is pressed  in stone 800 times to become delicious, and then you will continue to boil it in copper pot on the fire.

    The taste of it sitting in the alley with the chili, served on the mahogany with a sprig of marjoram, will be the reward of this ceremony. We will make sure to take with you a packet of the coffee you prepared, to enjoy with your friends at home.

    Price: 500 ALL / person

    Duration: 1 hour


    Additional information


    Experienced leader,  drinking coffee, a packet of  coffee.


    For booking 1 day in advance