Çmimi 700 lekë / personi

Preferohen grupe mbi 4 persona. Në çmim përfshihet guida si dhe një sasi e produktit që ju prodhuat apo mblodhët.


The extraordinary nature of Rexhinë village, at an altitude 1000 to 2100m above sea level, offers a wide range of typical bio products that are consumed by the inhabitants of this area.  These products thanks to the climate, the purity of the air, away from chemicals or pollution, have extraordinary values ​ for our health and a very special taste.

“Xhebro Guesthouse” offers a variety of tours that has to do with the preparation or collection of these products according to the calendar on the respective days:

-20 May – 20 August: You have the opportunity to become part of the cheese preparation starting with milking, boiling on the fire and draining it in cheesecloth. After about 1.5 hours you will taste the cheese you just prepared.

Price 500 ALL / person

– June 20 – August 20: You have the opportunity to be part of the collection of honey in the bee park on the hill. You will learn how to approach bees, to distinguish the qualitative honey from the centrifuge concentrated honey and finally harvest it in the artisanal centrifuge. At the end of this process you will have the most delicious golden honey to consume with your family.

Price 1000 ALL / person

-July 10 – August 15: You have the opportunity to become part of a resident group and walk on foot of Këndrevica Mount to collect wild mountain tea for about two hours.

Price 1000 ALL / person

-June 10 – September 20: You has the opportunity to participate in the collection of wild oregano in the hills around Regina.

Price 700 ALL/ person

-August 20 – October 20: You have the opportunity to participate in the collection of  various herbal teas that are crucial for everybody’s health such as wild rose, wild apple and gooseberry.

 Price 700 ALL/ person

Groups preferred   over 4 persons. The price includes the guide as well as the amount of the product you have to  prepare or collect.