Duration: 3 hours.

  Price: 1300 ALL/ person


The Karjan is a well known village for its excellent grape raki (alcohol drink made by fruits or nuts) due to its favorable geographical position toward the sun and the large amount of light that receives. Each family has planted its own pergola and a portion of the grapes are stored to extract Raki.

You can become part of this unique experience during the period of October 20 – November 20.

Vasilaq is welcoming you on his pleasant farm, where he has planted 1.5 hectares of grapes, to teach you every secret that he had inherited from his father.

You will take part on the process of grape harvest, fermentation and even its extraction from the artisanal copper cauldron that has inherited through generations. You will taste raki direct from the cauldron, accompanied by appetizers and songs dedicated to raki, according to tradition.

At the end of this experience you can take with you the Raki that you had prepared by yourself