Picnic lunch, wine tasting and local music


The farm we suggest to visit was established 20 years ago but follows one of the earliest traditions of vineyard cultivation in the Drino’s valley. The main varieties cultivated by this family business on this farm are Merlot, a variety imported almost 70 years ago which adapted to the characteristics of the local climate and habitat and turned to be an authentic product. Cabernet, Debina and Central are also alternative varieties that the farm cultivates. The product is of high quality due to the characteristics of the climate and gravel terrain that makes it possible to filter water, the main condition for the vineyard. The soil in the valley is exposed to the sun and protected by hills thus reducing the risk of the vineyard being damaged by frost during the winter. Rainy winters, followed by spring temperatures of 16 ° C, make the vineyard flourish and grow at the right time. The hot and long summer guarantees the bearing of the fruits and their sweetness. The vineyard harvest period has its own magic in the valley starting from mid-September until mid-October. Next to the vineyard is the winery and the wine’s storage. The whole process is passionately explained by a very good expert of wine and vineyards.

Tour Description

Visit to the vineyard and wine tasting

We will first travel to the farm located at least 10 minutes’ drive from the city.

A visit to the vineyard is the first step of this experience guided by family members who care for the plantation. Depending on the season, you can spend a few minutes pruning, thinning the leaves, rooting or harvesting the fruit.

While you are busy with the visit and interaction a picnic lunch will be laid out for you in the farm yard or Inside the canteen depending on the weather. (Menu details can be found below.)

2 different wines, white and red will be tasted, accompanied by history, its tradition and the way of preservation and aging. The whole event will be accompanied by a local musician or a polyphonic youth group. This experience is friendly to children as they can wonder play dance and eat good food. Fruit juice is the alternative for them instead of wine.

Throughout the experience which will last about 2 hours you have the opportunity to be photographed in the middle of the vineyard, enjoy the fruits and dance. It is also possible to buy the wine you enjoyed as a souvenir for friends.

Price & Conditions

Price for adults: 29 Euro

Price for children: 14 Euro


2 glasses of wine ( red and white)
Guided tour inside the vineyard and the winery

Not included:

What isn’t mentioned above

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