Stone carving experience



The experience of stone carving

The stone city of Gjirokastra is undoubtedly built of stone in all its scenography and architecture. What you will immediately notice are the high stone houses, the cobblestones embroidered with stone or the slats with white stone slabs. The bridges, the water supply or the magnificent castle are also made of stone.

The golden hands that have participated in this architecture are still today in the medieval market of the cities with the aim and the hammer of their hammers carving incessantly.

The characteristic sound of the bazaar is the carving chuck coming from the stone mason’s workshop. During this experience you will get acquainted with one of the oldest crafts of Gjirokastra, that of stone carving.

You will learn carving from the stone master and thus you will create your own souvenir as a marvelous memory  from Gjirokastra.

Besides being  part of this experience  you can get your carved souvenir as a present from your visit in this town

The stone master will instruct you to draw with the iron pencil and then guide you in its carving. Chisels and small hammer will help you to create a unique figure or dedication, while the muse will be of course the medieval bazaar itself. It will be an experience not to be missed!

Terms and conditions:

Price: starting from 1000 ALL

Included: Leading carving by the stone master

Stone carved  by you as a souvenir

Duration  : 40 min – 1 hour

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starting from 1000 ALL