Terms and conditions:

  • Booking 3 hours in advance
  • Duration 30 minutes
  • Price 500 ALL
  • Groups minimum 3 persons, maximum 15 persons
  • Tasting I 5 types of brandy, 2 types of cheese, 3 types of glucose, teas, 2 types of liqueurs


The experience of raki tasting and acquaintance with the cuisine of Gjirokastra

This will be a culinary tour of Gjirokastra where you will have the opportunity to taste 5  different types of  raki, local cheeses soaked in olive oil and spices, accompanied by various “glyko”(traditional dessert made with fruits, nuts or vegetables) , fruit liqueurs and mountain teas.


In the heart of the characteristic bazaar you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the culinary tradition of Gjirokastra, local products, “winter zahirite” (different types of food made by the locals during the summer to be consumed during the period of winter), mountain teas and spices. The traditional drink of Raki is the queen of joy and forgetfulness especially in south Albania. As Fan Noli had said in a 1919: “In the  only medicine that Albanians believe in is Raki. “And really it is medicine.” The usual alcohol content of Raki is 35%. But home-made Raki is: 45%!

Probably because it burns more than one dried red hot pepper, some people close the relationship with brandy once they have just tried it for the first time.

You will taste 5 types of Raki from different fruits, from the most common one made from house grapes to the most special one with black mountain juniper, which will leave you with the taste of forest and land at the same time.

These accompanied by the local cheeses delighted with olive oil and spices, sweet liqueurs,” glyko” (traditional  dessert made by  fruits , nuts or vegetables)with fruit and without leaving behind the wild teas of the mountain , everything made by local farmers, housewives or Gjirokastra hosts.

All these accompanied by local history, tradition and songs.

A traditional song about Raki:

“My beautiful Raki, which takes me from corner to corner,

You are my friend

I will love you forever. “

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booking 3 hours before


Minimum 3 persons and Maximum 15 persons