Tepelena Day Trip



During this tour you will see some touristic attractions such as the Castle of Ali Pashe Tepelena, the Memorial of Notorious Camp of Tepelena, ancient and medieval bridges etc.

The first stop will be in Benca, to see the memorial children of political internees and prisoners killed during the dictatorship regime of Enver Hoxha. You will learn the dramatic story of 300 children killed and disappeared in the prison camp of Tepelena. Instead of graves, 300 cypresses were planted to remember these innocent children.

After this visit, we will turn in Tepelena to visit the castles rebuilt by Ali Pashe Tepelena and the medieval bridge, located close to the city. We will walk on the bridge and enjoy the beautiful panorama of Vjosa River and Golik Mountain. We will pass on the other side of the bridge and make a short visit to a guesthouse in this area to taste raki, or a glass of fresh natural milk.


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