Tour Tepelena – Golik Mountain (Hiking)



This tour is for people who like hiking. You will see one of the most beautiful mountains of Albania, Golik and will enjoy the food from farm to table

We start in the morning the trip from lord Byron guesthouse. You can eat a full breakfast here or take your food with you. We will drive until the Lekel village. In this area we will visit some touristic attractions, such as cult objects, or the ruins of Lekli Castle, which is declared a cultural heritage monument. We also will enjoy the view of the village.  From this village we will start hiking to the Mount Golik, high 1750 m. This mountain is special because in this area is held a fight during the World War II, between Greeks and Italian in the years 1940, where more than 40 000 soldiers were killed from both armies

Next stop is in the Golik Peak, in a guesthouse where we can enjoy the delicious food from farm to table.


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