Tour Tepelenë-Nivicë



    During this trip, which is half driving and half hiking, we will see beautiful panorama of Nivica canyons and waterfall of Peshtura. We will see the Benca river- a whole day deep into the nature.

    We start the trip from Lord Byron guesthouse after a good breakfast. Guest are also offered to take the food with them.

    We take the car to reach to  Nivica. You will see beautiful panoramic landscape during the road, and stop to take some amazing pictures in Lera Towers, the view of Lekdush Canyons and Progonat, where you will see the magic waterfalls of Peshtura and Progonat.

    The other stop will be in Nivica, where you can visit all the attractions in the area from the Castle of Nivica, the waterfall and Pagan Temple which is said to be 3000 years old.

    We will turn back among crossing woods, walking  toward  the Benca river, where we can enjoy the magic view. We can even stop here for a swim or  a sunbathe. From Benca we travel back to Tepelena by car. The drive is 7 km. The whole tour will last 7 hours.

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