Restorant & Bujtina “Sofra Zagorite”

Sheshi “Bardhyl Këlliçi” Këlcyrë
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Restaurant and Bujtina (Hotel) “Sofra Zagorite” is located in the Këlcyrë city center. The restaurant has operated since 1993 with a welcoming environment that makes visitors feel at home. With its menu of traditional, local dishes, Restaurant “Zagoria” quickly became and continues to be a local favorite in the area. The restaurant is open every day and has a capacity of 50 people. The restaurant serves a rich menu of traditional and tasty dishes. Ingredients are fresh and prepared carefully, the restaurant has professional service, and the menu has acceptable prices.
• roast meat on a spit
• traditional pickles
• different dishes baked in pans
• traditional pie
• kukurec, dry meat
• different salads, grilled vegetables
• Village chicken in oven
• Traditional cakes
The restaurant also offers a personalized menu according to customer requirements. Parking is free.

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