Survey of Visit Gjirokastra: Touristic businesses are suffering due to Covid19

Visit Gjirokastra Association conducted a survey with touristic businesses of Gjirokastra region, including 7 municipalities, to understand their situation during the pandemic of Covid19.

Visit Gjirokastra asked almost 50 businesses in the whole region, mostly hotels and restaurants, guest houses in rural areas, artisans, tour operators and touristic agencies. According to the survey, 38% are hotels and restaurants, 36% are rural businesses, 17 percent are artisan shops, and 9% are tour operators.

For the question: How the situation is impacting each business in Gjirokastra region, 88 % of them responded that they have halted the activity, means it was closed for at least 2 months, while 12 % said that they managed to sell online some of their products.

Almost 57% of them have reduced the staff during the pandemic months. While 43 % of them are family run businesses so they kept their family members registered.

Questioned if they had cancellations in their booked reservation, all tour operators, hotels or restaurants (almost 86% of businesses in this survey) answered that all the reservations were canceled in 100%.

Asked if they have profited from two supporting packages of Government for businesses due to Covid 19, 88% of them haven’t receive the financial support.

They support the Visit Gjirokastra association and are very keen to cooperate with this association to address their problems and raise their voice. Asked what should be the priority for Visit Gjirokastra association in order to help them during this crisis they respond:

  • First, the promotion of their businesses through visit-gjirokastra.com tourism portal
  • Improvement of touristic infrastructure (maps, guide)
  • Creating new touristic products
  • Training of businesses to improve their services and their capacities in communication

If you want to see in details the findings and graphics of this survey please click here

Visit Gjirokastra survey Covid19




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on May 04, 2020