Rising above a beautiful hillside overlooking the village of Alipostivan, the tekke lies in the heart of the Vjosa River Valley. Situated in the beautiful region of Cerja on a dominant point, the tekke was originally built by Baba Ali in 1857, and today the tekke bears his name. The tekke was burned by Ottoman invaders in 1870 and again in 1914 by Greek extremists. The tekke complex contains the tekke and two tyrbet structures connected by a concrete path and stairs surrounded by raised terraces with different fruit trees.

The complex buildings are white with green trim, and their domes shine like the sun. The new tekke building has 2 floors and is divided into 7 rooms. A hotel was built to the left of the main gate to accommodate congregation members and visitors. The beautiful tekke, in addition to having spiritual value for Bektashi believers, is also viewed as an object of rare cultural value for domestic and foreign visitors.

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on Mar 16, 2018