The Carnival Day- evoking the “Day of Prosopullave”

Gjirokastra will have now a new yearly event, every 21th of February, – The Carnival DAY.

For the first time after 90 years, Gjirokastra evoked an old traditional festive day. The city exploded with colors, decorations, funny masks and the happy voices of kids. The sun added more splendid rays to the celebrations. 10 schools organized by the Municipality and directly from the Regional Education office, made possible this perfect festival, which welcomed not only by locals but also attracted many tourists in the city.

The old tradition- Prosopullave Day

It was known as the ‘Day of Prosopullave’. It was an ancient ritual, which was organized in end of one season to welcome the new one, in this case to say goodbye to the winter and to welcome the spring. In old time, people of the area were so happy that the winter ended, expressing this happiness with different faces, objects or “Prosopulla” which are funny jokes despising the winter, while enjoying and smiling to the spring.  The main uniform was the traditional folk costumes, but also they made fun jokes wearing as bride or as women. Only men were allowed to do this jokes. No women around, as you can see even in the photo collage below.

The event was also supported by TID Gjirokastra and Children Cultural Center Fato Berberi.

The Carnival Day is already part of Cultural Events Calendar of Gjirokastra, UNESCO city and will be celebrated every 21th February.

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on Feb 24, 2020