The handicraft catalog for Gjirokastra district

The handicraft catalog for Gjirokastra region is available now, in two languages, and contains information for 49 women in Gjirokastra, who are working as artisans for many years, preserving tradition and cultural heritage. They have done this work not for profit, but initially to keep alive all the mastery of their parents and to transmit these knowledge to young generation. Some of artisans in this catalog don’t have their shop, but they are able to produce beautiful things and to be part of these groups of artisans. Let consider this catalog as a linking bridge between talented artisans and as a guide for everyone who want to learn more about artisans in Gjirokastra and in Albania.

See the full catalog in this link

Business Women Profile

Another publication produced with the support of USAID, include the profile of business women in the Region of Gjirokastra. This summary will be helpful for all public institutions, investors, academic staff and students, and all decision makers in drafting their policies for economical regional development.

See here the profile of businesswomen of Gjirokastra region.


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