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The legend of Plane Tree of Libohova

If you have ever visited Libohova, no doubt you have seen the huge plane tree in the center of the city, with giant branches and very big crown of leaves, while in its roots are flowing crystal waters coming from Bureto Mountain. It is very important for the city, because it is very old. This beloved, 560-year-old tree has been proclaimed a Natural Monument of the 1st Category.

Apart the importance as a protected monument, behind it is a legend. Are you curious to learn it?

The legend of the plane tree starts back in 16th century when a shepherd found a stick lying nearby a mountain spring and pushed it into the ground. To his surprise the stick grew into a large, enormous tree which you can see to this day. It looks like God himself formed its branches with his hands. Since there the waters springs are flowing and feeding the tree, who become bigger and bigger.

This unique tree offers refreshing nature to locals and foreign tourists alike. It covers an area of 1100 m 2. People say that is so big, than a villa could stand inside the tree, and not touched by its branches.

Libohova Plan Tree- Rrapi i Libohoves


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