The ritual of sheep migration in Gjirokastra, a ancient tradition

If you travel these days in south of Albania, don’t be surprised if you see flocks of sheep or goats passing massively on the streets. Behind them you will see shepherds in horses and dogs who accompany all these caravans. Don’t be stressed while waiting for these flocks to pass the road, but enjoy the moment.

The shepherds and their herds are migrating from cold mountains to the warm seaside pasture. This is a fantastic moment to see this old ritual in all the parts of Gjirokastra region. All the trip lasts 5 days and is happening twice per year, in end of autumn and in the spring.   The region of Gjirokastra has always been a suitable area for raising livestock, because of rich alpine pastures and water resources.

This tradition is a very important event for shepherds and for all people living with livestock industry. The important thing is that this tradition is passing to young generation, to children in rural area, who are very happy to see this process and even to participate on it. The shelter of shepherd is always open for everyone. If you are a guest in his place, he will serve you all the best that he has, especially meat, milk and warm bread.  If you are traveling in these areas in Gjirokastra, don’t hesitate to be a guest at shepherd’s house. You will enjoy an unforgettable experience.

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on Dec 02, 2019