Visiting Gjirokastra in Winter

Gjirokastra is a city which can be visited every season. The amazing stone city, a UNESCO world Heritage, is inviting people to spend the festive month in its best restaurants and hotels, staying in cozy traditional rooms and enjoying best traditional food.

Gjirokastra Bazar is beautifully decorated and there are events organized by touristic businesses in their facilities, but also some public events from municipality of Gjirokastra. Gjirokastra rarely sees snow, but if this happening this winter, you will see a breathtaking panorama, where all grey houses have white roofs. It can be a fantastic greeting card if we have some snow.

The winter and especially festive December all over Albania is all about good food. The best thing to do in winter is to spend a a few time wondering  through the cultural attractions around the area, religious sites, mosques and churches, also ancient cities, castles and museums. You can also visit the rural area, where are many guesthouses and good traditional restaurants.

Activities to do

You can experience  the city through learning from artisans of Gjirokastra, such as wood carving , stone carving, embroidery experience, coffee and raki experience, cooking experience etc. See more and book your experience here

Other activities in Gjirokastra for the people who love adventure are: horse riding at Asim Zeneli farm, hiking in the mountains, fishing experience, shepherd rituals in Cajupi Mountain, off road trips with 4×4 with Albanian dreams and tours etc. See more and book your tours here

One of the new tours added to the winter package in Gjirokastra is friendship tour in villages, every Saturdays, see here.

You can drive to Dropull and see monasteries there, and enjoy the local hospitality in the area. We suggest you to stay at Selo Restaurant

You can go to Libohova city, walk around city attractions, go to the castle and enjoy some good food at main restaurant  locally known as  Sedati’s restaurant.

For a long weekend, i.e. two or three days, you can experience a beautiful trip to Gjirokastra, Dropull and Libohova and get the best of traditional life in these area.

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on Dec 10, 2020