What to do in Autumn in Gjirokastra region! Visit rural areas

Gjirokastra region is full of surprises in every season.  Autumn is a perfect time not only for cultural tourism but also for rural tourism and culinary experience. You can still visit the cities of this region: Gjirokastra, Permet, Tepelena, Kelcyra, Libohova, but we strongly suggest you to get to know the beautiful villages of this area. You can live for a while with local people, cook and taste with them the fantastic food from farm to table, take part in their everyday work, collecting fruits, medicinal herbs, or enjoy the processes how they make  cheese, wine, raki, products of honey, jam, gliko etc.

Try unique experiences

Visit Gjirokastra, as an association of tourism businesses of Gjirokastra region, including 7 municipalities, has created some new experiences and packages which will take you in the middle of mountains, eating and accommodating to guesthouses in the villages.

You can book a horse-riding tour in Lunxheria, and explore in group the beautiful nature, stopping in the houses of locals, enjoying the food and listening to their stories.

You can book a tour in Ogdunan or Gostivisht in Permet area, taking part in the process of beekeeping, learning about the life of these people, their daily work and enjoy cooking with them.

You can also try a fishing experience in Qestorat village (Gjirokaster) or in Pepeli Lakes in Dropull.

Or you can go to Camping Cajupi in Gjirokaster, or Camping of Qilarisht with Albturist in Permet. If the weather is good, you can enjoy some outdoor sports, such as hiking, rafting and then enjoy the delicious mountainous food in both areas.

Find here some of new unique experiences in the region and book them in advance. You will get unforgettable memories and wish to do it again and again and bring other people there. https://www.visit-gjirokastra.com/tours/gjirokastra-tours/

If you want just to try a local restaurant or guesthouse in Gjirokastra region, we invite you to explore in our YouTube channel some of tourism businesses in Gjirokastra, Permet, Tepelena and Kelcyra, inviting you to visit their place.

The Year of Tourism and Rural Development

This year is designated by World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) as the Year of Tourism and Rural Development. Tourism and Rural Development” celebrates the sector’s unique ability to drive economic development and provide opportunities outside of big cities, including in those communities that would otherwise be left behind. World Tourism Day 2020 also highlights the important role tourism plays in preserving and promoting culture and heritage all around the world.

For many rural communities, tourism means opportunity. It provides jobs and economic empowerment, including for women and youth. Tourism gives rural communities the ability to protect and promote their natural surroundings, as well as their culture and heritage. In doing so, it allows tourists to enjoy unique experiences.

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