What to do in the Spring in Gjirokastra

The beautiful city of Gjirokastra welcomes you, now with a series of unique tours and experiences that you can find only in this UNESCO world heritage.

What to do in the historic center

We invite you for one-day and several-day tours and experiences in the stone city. Starting from the experiences of embroidery, carving of stone, wood, the experience of coffee in stone to the experience of cooking. One of the most complete and beautiful tours of the traditional city is the Fustanella Tour, which we enable you at any time. We develop all these unique tours in the Gjirokastra bazaar, just contact us the day before and you will experience a unique experience in our city
Visit the stone alleys, the magnificent Castle, and the four museums, for which the ticket is more symbolic, only 200 lek. You can find all the museums here
Visit the characteristic houses, over 200-300 years old, with unique architecture. Some of them are museums, and some hotels. Do not leave without visiting Zakat, Skendulin, Kadare House, Ethnographic Museum, etc.
Accommodation and food in Gjirokastra
Hotels in Gjirokastra are the most beautiful, as most of them are in characteristic houses, where modern style is combined with the style of old architecture. We recommend: Kodra Hotel, Prague, Argyrokaster Hotel, Gjirokastra Hotel, Cajupi Hotel and Argjiro Hotel. If you want to stay in the city below, we suggest Hotel Shehu. Prices range from 30-60 euros, depending on the additional services and modernity they offer for you.
The restaurants serve all typical traditional dishes, pashaqofte soup, qifqi, cabbage pie, but also meat and fish dishes. We recommend Restaurant E dua, Kodra, Peshku Dina etc.

Out-of-town tours and experiences
The city is very beautiful, but we can not leave aside the villages. Gjirokastra region has 13 tourist villages in the list of 100 villages, among which only in Gjirokastra are 6: Dhoksat, Labova e Sipërme, Nepravishtë, Sotirë, Lazarat, Antigone, Zhulat.
But there are many other villages that we will take you on our tours, such as the fishing tour in Qestorat, Pepeli Lakes in Dropull, Weekend in Selo, Riding in the fields with Caravan Horse Riding, Gjinofshat and Lake Cini Tour, Weekend in Labëri, visit to Labova e Kryqit, Antigone, Selcka Waterfall and Melan Tekke, tour of Cajup and Zagoria, Hadrianopolis Tour etc.
The special thing about Gjirokastra is that we can offer you music tours, to listen to the tunes of the Lunxhëria group or the women of the village of Selo. Of course if you contact us first at info@visit-gjirokastra.com
All tours are available in the spring, as the weather is good and almost all the roads in villages are accessible.

The main activities that take place in the suburbs of Gjirokastra are horseback riding tours, 4×4 car tours in Labëri, or Mount Bureto, hiking tours in the surrounding mountains, but also diving tours in Lake Viroi, with Spiranca Diving Center.
Gjirokatra comes with super packages this spring! Welcome!

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