Sokaku i të Marrëve Street

Rruga Sokaku i te Marrëve, Gjirokaster, Albania
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This is one of the famous spots to visit in Gjirokastra. In fact it is just a street, and in the first sight has nothing amazing to see. But the story is interesting, and you may find it mentioned in the books of Ismail Kadare. Sokaku i te Marreve means “The Street of Mad”. There are many rumors about this street. One of them is very funny. The street is paved with very irregulars loose stones, and when people walked in this street, the stones move and follow people back. So they are making noise behind the people, and it seems that they run to escape, but stones also run after them following like mad people. During communist time it was called the “Street of Pioners”, because they repaved the street with smaller stones. But after the regime collapsed, it took again the original name. No ticket required to visit this place.

Map of Sokaku i të Marrëve Street