Price: 5200 ALL / person includes

1- Accommodation in the guesthouse

2- Dinner of the first day in the guesthouse.

3-Breakfast and lunch of the second day in the guesthouse

4- Professional guide for climbing Këndrevicë Mountain



Necessary items:

Strong, thick walking boots, Cotton blouse, Hats to be protected from the sun,0.5 l bottle of water


Duration: 1 night / 2 days

Arrival and accommodation at Xhebro Guesthouse:

Dinner is served at 7:30pm in the courtyard / restaurant of the guesthouse, accompanied by Raki, local appetizers and traditional songs.

The second day:

Waking up in the morning is advised to be early not to miss the spectacular glorious sunrise at the top of Këndrevica Mount in front of the guesthouse.

After breakfast, the departure will be from the Xhebro guesthouse at 8:00.

There, our journey will start towards the highest summit- the mountain of Këndrevica 2122 m above sea level. The journey to the top of the mountain takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Along the way we will get to know the natural resources of the area such as various medicinal plants, mountain tea, wild rose, wild apples, natural springs with mountainous water, etc. You will be able to touch the century-old snow, even in summer.

Around 10:30 we will reach the top of Këndrevica Mountain, where there will have a short break to consume fresh fruit and enjoy the pristine and verdant nature of the mountain. We will visit the Bilbilenj shelter, the cave where they were sheltered, as well as get acquainted with the area steeped in history.

At 11: 00   return to the guesthouse.

Around 13:30 we will be at the guesthouse where lunch will be served with traditional local products cooked on a fire oven such as: lamb or mutton, pipek, gjizak, arapash, salce kacupi or wafer. Buttermilk and spring water will not be missed either.

Return after lunch.

Tour difficulty: Average, suitable for people who enjoy good health.