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Zahire Shqiptare

This shop is situated in the Neck of Bazaar with natural and organic products, all made in the areas around Gjirokastra region. The products ranging from different types of tea, honey, pasta etc. Every product has its story, and is packed in stylish way. The products brings the tradition of farmers and other artisans in Gjirokastra preserved for centuries.

Edua Gjirokaster

EDua is a social business, in the heart of the old bazaar, which is promoting and selling the typical Albanian products, organic products made by farmers and artisans in the region. All the products are fresh and prepared according to old tradition. In our shop we present not only the product but also its history told by the farmer, villager, beekeeper and artisans. We offer you the possibility to be part of processing this kind of food in our shop.

Some of the products you may find in our shop are: honey from different flowers; Raki, wine and other traditional drinks, Gliko from all fruits, pickles; olive oil, olives or olive wood, dairy products, pastry and cereals, dried fruit and vegetables etc.

All these products you can taste in the second floor, in the restaurant Edua, cooked with love by family grandmother.

Vjollca Mezini shop

The shop is situated in the Neck of Bazzar, and Vjollca is one of the true masters of embroidery in the town. This craft was inherited by women in Albania through centuries. Vjollca knows what tourists wants, and she create images of the city, the famous houses, the Castle, and other known places, also beautiful traditional patterns.

Anastas Petridhi shop

He is the best master of wood in the city. Anastas learned his craft since he was a kid. Now he can do great things in a very short time, and transform a soft pine in an art work. Tourists always stop at his shop, and admiring his work.

Muhedin Makri shop

The master of stone, Mr Makri is over 70 years old, but still working in the Neck of Bazaar. It is amazing to see such a great art works, very elegant, produces by the hardest material of nature, by stone. You can find in his shop some portraits of well-known Albanian figures such as Ismail Qemali or Ismail Kadare.

Artisan shop “Manohandmade”

This shop is situated in the center of Gjirokastra city, in the old bazaar area. This shop offers handmade products inspired by ideas and creations of new artists, new painters. What is painted by them is implemented by the artisans of this shop, creating different accessories for women and men. The products are jewelries, rings, bags, magnets, earrings etc.

Tel: +355 (0)69 36 98 576


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