Unesco city tour



    During Unesco city tour we will see the UNESCO city center and some of famous old houses: Fico House, Ismail Kadare Museum, Sokaku i të Marreve, Ethnographic Museum. Later we will have a break at Jaho Babaramo for lunch and coffee, Zekate, Angonate, Kokalari and back to bazaar.

    This tour gives you a whole impression of Unesco city, and why this spectacular houses and streets are now part of World Heritage. Listen carefully the legends, stories and unique values of these houses and museums. You will leave the city with a mystery in mind. This tour gives you the feeling of how Albanians lived in 18-19th century.

    The tour starts at the Neck of Bazaar and continues to Fico House, Kadare House, Sokaku i të Marrëve. We will continue to the Skënduli House, Jaho Babaramo House, Zekate, Angonate, Babameto house. Each of them has unique architecture and history.


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    3.5 hour