Known since antiquity, the name “Bënjë” originates from the word “spa,” from which the nearby village of Bënjë also takes its name. The thermal waters of Bënjë are fed from deep tectonic fractures, and to date, six sources have been identified. The waters contain chloro-sodium-calcium and maintain a temperature of 32°C and a flow of 8-40 liters per second. Surprisingly, the thermal waters to the west of the river have a lower temperature than the pools on the east. The area has been inhabited since antiquity, as evidenced by murals in nearby caves. Its many thermal springs flow into stone basins and form natural pools where visitors can bathe, relax, and gather thermal mud suitable for skin treatments.

Each pool has its own therapeutic properties for the treatment of various ailments, including diseases of the skin, stomach, kidney, and rheumatism. You can easily move from one pool to another, but you may want to wear sneakers or sandals. Some visitors also use the water for drinking.

The beautiful Bridge of Kati provides a picturesque backdrop from the Thermal Waters of Bënjë It is an Ottoman-style bridge built over the Lengarica River, and marks the beginning of the Lengarica Canyon.

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