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Cobblestone streets of Gjirokastra

Among the many specialists who worked on the cobblestone streets of Gjirokastra during communist time, Spiro Bezhani is certainly one of the most knowledgeable.
Spiro is a living legend, and when he talks about the streets of his hometown Gjirokastra, he gets emotional.
He tells the story of a lifetime spent paving the streets and alleys of the ancient town, together with his craftsmen colleagues.

It was a hard job, since they used to work outdoors during the very cold winters and the hot, dry summers.
But they all were happy to contribute, to beautifying their beloved city. Today Spiro who is in his 70s, is still actively working in Gjrokastra as a master stone carver, teaching the new generation of craftspeople and contributing to the preservation of Albanian cultural heritage.

Source: Gjirokastra a Cultural journey

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on Mar 29, 2019