Training course on Digital Marketing for tourism businesses in Gjirokastra

On 15 September 2020  in Gjirokastra a training course on Digital Marketing for tourism was organized by Visit Gjirokastra Association with the support of RisiAlbania. There were 20 participants taking part in the event, owners of hotels, restaurants, artisans’ shop, tourist guides and other related tourism businesses. The lecturer, Mrs. Alma Gerxhani, a digital Marketing […]


What to do in Autumn in Gjirokastra region! Visit rural areas

Gjirokastra region is full of surprises in every season.  Autumn is a perfect time not only for cultural tourism but also for rural tourism and culinary experience. You can still visit the cities of this region: Gjirokastra, Permet, Tepelena, Kelcyra, Libohova, but we strongly suggest you to get to know the beautiful villages of this […]


Swiss Ambassador visited Gjirokastra

Swiss ambassador to Tirana Adrian Maitre  visited Gjirokastra with his family on 23th July. Visit Gjirokastra association welcomed Mr Ambassador and presented all the work the association is doing to organize all tourism stakeholders of Gjirokastra region under one umbrella and to cooperate together for the best of this tourist destination.  They informed ambassador about […]


Gjirokastra, 15 years as UNESCO World Property

Gjirokastra was declared a museum city in 1961 during the communist regime. It was good decision to preserve what is left in the city from the wars, invaders, and from degradation in years and decades. There were some restoration, the stone mosaics and some renovation in the bazaar, the castle, ethnographic museum. But the city […]


Sustainable tourism destination- Gjirokastra, possibilities and challenges

Can Gjirokastra be a model of sustainable tourism destination?  This was the topic of a webinar organized by Visit-Gjirokastra association, with the support of RisiAlbania. The webinar aim was to introduce the criteria of Global Sustainable Tourism Council – GSTC and how these standards can be implemented in Albanian destinations, or tourism business such as […]


‘RriNeShqiperi’ tourism campaign for Gjirokastra region

Tourism this year experienced an unusual stalemate, due to COVID 19 and as a result the only hope for tourism businesses was the domestic tourism. Many initiatives were launched throughout Albania by destination management organizations and tour operators, while Visit Gjirokastra, as a tourism management association in Gjirokastra Region became a partner of the #RriNeAlbania […]


The handicraft catalog for Gjirokastra district

The handicraft catalog for Gjirokastra region is available now, in two languages, and contains information for 49 women in Gjirokastra, who are working as artisans for many years, preserving tradition and cultural heritage. They have done this work not for profit, but initially to keep alive all the mastery of their parents and to transmit […]

Visit Gjirokastra

Anti-Covid protocol for accommodation sector: interim guidance

Ministry of Tourism in cooperation with Ministry of Health in Albania are preparing the protocol for anti-Covid measures especially for accommodation sector.  The document is addressed to collective tourism accommodation establishments such as hotels and similar establishments, holiday and other short-stay accommodation, and campsites. Private tourism accommodation providers are invited to follow the operating guidelines […]