Lesser Kestral bird watching in Gjirokastra, Albania

The Lesser Kestral bird watching in Gjirokastra

A spectacular show has just started this year in the southern part of Albania, where it is located the bulk of the Lesser Kestrel roosting sites. The first 80-100 individuals were observed, as expected, during last week on the medium voltage lines in Lushnje, Fieri, Vlora, Tepelena and Dropulli. Observations undertaken in the last 10 […]

The food of Lunxheria, loved by Lord Byron

The region of Lunxhëria stretches along Mount Lunxhi in front of Gjirokastra. It is a region with ancient history and with very special traditions relating the unique dresses and delicious food. Lunxhiots have talent in many fields. As the men of the region went into immigration, forced by the economic conditions, the women of Lunxhëria […]

The story of Lazarat – the biggest village of Albania

Lazarat is the biggest village of Albania and the most known not only in the country, but also internationally. The village has been inhabited since the prehistoric times  (30 000 year BC), according to many objects found in the territory.  It is situated in the eastern slope of Mali i Gjere, between Gjirokastra and Dropull […]

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Gjirokastra is Albania’s best-kept secret!

Hey Holly Baxter @Independent. Yes, you got it right! Gjirokastra is not for everyone. Here  you have some more reasons to affirm that. Don’t come to Gjirokastra if you have only a few hours to spend and all you want is to tick it in your list of destinations and leave pleased with a selfie. Not […]

Oregano Day in Gjirokaster

Oregano Day in Gjirokaster.  How about to have a special day for each beautiful work the locals do? Oregano Day was celebrated in Gjirokastër in form of a hiking tour in the Mountain of Lunxheria. A number of women from Gjirokastra, and local women from the village of Saraqinisht, walked and hiked in the fields […]

The food and people of Gjirokastra

Gjirokastra is famous for its food. The delicious cuisine is the result of high quality and often organic ingredients prepared by talented cooks. The cuisine has distinct Ottoman roots with its use of local oils, spices, herbs and especially sauces. Gjirokastrans can produce many variations of dishes using only a few basic ingredients. Typical dishes […]

History and nature tour in villages of Bureto Mountain

Gjirokastra is already known as a culture heritage destination. Being a UNESCO site, it is the most visited town in Albania for  many decades. But Gjirokastra has much more to see and visit. We decided to travel in villages of Bureto Mountain, amid beautiful nature and spectacular view of Drino Valley. We started our tour […]