Concerts at Thermal Waters of Benja

During the pandemic, all the events were canceled everywhere in Albania. But in Permet there is a place where you can enjoy the view, swim, and sit for a long time keeping the distance and listening to the music.

Two Events were organized this year in Thermal Waters of Benja, Permet, Albania.

The first event was organized in 16th July, with Eneda Tarifa and band. It was the first such event in open space, far from city center of Permet.  The community from all the villages around and many tourists were present to enjoy this unique concert in this beautiful landscape.

The second concert was held in the same place on 15th August. It was called the Day of Grandma/ Festa e Gjyshes. A way to thank all the grandmothers for keeping the tradition in Permet area and passing it to young generation.

Concerts, exhibitions, activities, and food and artisan fair were part of this event.

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on Aug 16, 2020