Oregano Day in Gjirokaster

Oregano Day in Gjirokaster.  How about to have a special day for each beautiful work the locals do? Oregano Day was celebrated in Gjirokastër in form of a hiking tour in the Mountain of Lunxheria. A number of women from Gjirokastra, and local women from the village of Saraqinisht, walked and hiked in the fields of Lunxheria to collect oregano and sage herbs.


According to Greeks, the oregano is described as “joy of the mountain.” This aromatic, ancient culinary herb, also referred to as “wild marjoram,” is now grown all over the world, even it is called a Mediterranean herb . You can find it in many areas in Albania, especially in mountains.


In this tour were present even children, to get them see the life in village and to teach the process of collecting medicinal and aromatic herbs. Involving kids in such processes is very good to pass to them the tradition of people in this area. The oregano collected, will be used by women of this area for the whole year. Oregano doesn’t want much work to be grown. It thrives in warm climate and returns year after year. It is used for cooking and medicinal purposes, ranging from treating infections, osteoporosis, cancer and diabetes.

In Gjirokaster, you can buy  at E Dua shop in Old Bazaar.

After all this pleasant tour, the great think is that you can be a guest in one of the houses of local, to taste some good products, such as honey, gliko or pancakes etc.

Is beautiful to involve not only kids, but tourists as well in such Special Days. This way they can admire the nature, the food and life of locals and also participate in the process of collecting herbs, and winning a great experience.

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