Tour in Frashtan, Dropull


    Frashtan is a settlement in the municipality of Dropull, Gjirokaster County, in southern Albania. The settlement lies at the foot of Mali i Gjere and it is bordered to the south by Lugar, to the north by Gorice and to the east by Gline.
    FIRST DAY: Hiking at Leftokare’s mountain 1230 m with the beautiful view from the blue eye lake. We provide visits to shen Thanasi’s church, decending across Dhuvjani’s brook in a terrain with caves, visits to Dhuvjani’s monastery and Adrianopol’s ancient theater. (This itenerary is 15 km).
    After the visit in Adrianopol we are heading in our hostel Paskali for lunch. The hostel offers a rural experience, turning you back in time and showing a simple lifestyle without the presence of technology. Far away from the noise of the city, the hostel works as a self-sufficient unit. It offers dairy products, eggs, meat, fruits and local vegetables. Olimbia, the owner of the hostel cooks traditional meals, while Xilo explains the process of cheese making from goat’s milk.
    We realize that solid traditions should never go out of style. Gentility, hospitality, and good manners are a central part to Dropull identity. While the world is changing, things like humility, courtesy, and basic politeness are mainstays of any civilized society and that should never change
    SECOND DAY: The second itenerary begins from Teqeja e Melanit in Vraho-Goranxi, than we are headed in Peshkepi e Siperme to visit saint Mary’s church. After that we have some fishing time in the lakes of Radat enjoying the scenic view the three lakes have to offer. After fishing we are heading in our hostel for lunch. (The itenerary is 10 km)
    Tour operator: Hiking South Albania