Red Tour, walking in the past



During this tour, we will see the cold War Tunnel-Arms Musem, Ethnographic Museum, (Formerly Enver Hoxha’s House) Kodra and its view.

Route:  Cold War Tunnel-Arms Musem, Ethnographic Museum, (Formerly Enver Hoxha’s House) Kodra and its view.
This is a tour about communist time, to get to know something about the traces of that regime in Gjirokastra. Gjirokastra is the birthplace of the Dictator Enver Hoxha, and you can see still in some streets his name reappearing in graffiti and quickly covered by a layer of white paint. The house of Enver Hoxha is turned into Ethnographic museum of Gjirokastra. There are elements not related at all with the life of Dictator.

Anyway there is an expectancy from tourists to learn some things about the dictator. But how to tell this story, is still unclear for Albanian authorities, and the figure of Enver Hoxha is still dark. But this tour can give you a feeling of communist time, starting with visiting the Cold War Museum, a bunker which was supposed to serve as a shelter of all local administration in case of an invasion from foreign countries. The castle prison is also a place where prisoners were re-educated. Continue with a visit to Ethnographic museum, to see some classic cultural elements of traditional life in Gjirokastra in 19th century and later. The tour ends to Kodra Viewpoint, a place where you can see a full view of Gjirokastra, historical part and modern city. The building here has been demolished several times, and now the Kodra family took back his own land. Now it serves as a hotel and a bar/restaurant with a fantastic view.

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