The tour Tepelena- Nivica-Borsh



From mountains to the sea. This wonderful tour will show a part of the most beautiful nature of Albania, Nivica Canyons and the beautiful seaside of Borsh.

We start from Tepelena with a car and the first stop is the aqueduct of Ali Pashe Tepelena in Benca, which was built 100 years ago. We pass the Benca river, and see the beautiful valley of Benca surrounded by the high mountains.

The second stop are the Lera Towers which took the name of first visitors in this place. We take some photos in the area enjoying the Canyons of Lekdush and Progonat.

Third stop is in Progonat, visiting the Peshtura Waterfall. Here are two fantastic waterfalls declared as Natural Monuments.

The forth stop is Nivica. We will see the Canyons of Nivica, the Castle, the bridge, the old milling, the Nivica Waterfall etc.

The accommodation and the dinner will be at Guesthouse on the Canyon which will offer you a fantastic view and a great stay  in the middle of nature. The dinner is served with traditional food from the area.

In the next morning we will start the adventure in Kuç, and then in Borsh at the seaside. The blue waters of the Borsh are rewarding after all the mountain trip. We will visit the Porto Palermo castle, one of the most beautiful castles of Ali Pashe Tepelena. We can stay a little bit longer here, swim and take a sunbath in waters of Jon sea.  We turn back and have a bread at Borshi Waterfall which we can enjoy some good food. The turn back road is the same, driving from Borsh-Nivice-Tepelene


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