Spiritual Tour



    During this tour in Gjirokastra we will see: Bazaar Mosque, Mecite Quarter, Hammam and Hadji Murat Mosque, Saint Sotir Churchj and Old Bazaar

    A religious tour will send you back in time in 18th century, to see how Albanians believers lived peacefully next to each other. Gjirokastra has been an example of multicultural city, hosting a melting pot of people of different cultural and religious background. Bazzar Mosque, built in 1757 is a landmark within the formerly ottoman area. Gjirokastra used to have 15 mosques, but only this one resisted from the cultural revolution under Albanian communist regime 1967. A mosque like a church, is a sacred space for prayers, and all of its architectural forms come together harmoniously to support this purpose. During this visit you will see the Greek Orthodox school, and then The Hamam – a Turkish style bath house located near the water springs of the Mecite Quarter, which flow into The Seven Fountains. Then you continue to Hadji Murat Ruined Mosque. Continue to the main square of old Town, Cerciz Square and then take the Kalivopulli street and after 400 metres reach Saint Sotir Church. It was built in 1784 in the form of typical orthodox church – rectangular in shape and built on an east-west axis. The church is also called the Old Metropolitan, as it was once the seat of the local orthodox bishop.

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    Mecite Quarter, Hammam and St Sotir Church




    2 hrs