Summer in Gjirokastra Region

Gjirokastra region has a Mediterranean climate and as many as 300 days of sunshine a year. As soon as temperatures allow, the people stay outdoors. The whole region offers cultural tours, music festivals and night life, but also plenty of places to cool off in the hot days

Let’s explore together:

Gjirokastra is already a tourist destination for the whole year. Tourists are coming every season to visit UNESCO city, which is always well preserved and this is confirmed by UNESCO World Committee every year. Except the beauty of stone city, Gjirokastra is investing money and time in preserving tradition, going back to all artisan work, culinary recipe to grandmothers and grandfathers. Today Gjirokastra is the most unique city in all Albania, which have its own traditions, culinary, and even tours. See more experiences in Gjirokastra here.

During summer, you can find many places to cool off. Our recommendation is Selcka Waterfall in Dropull, Gjirokastra. So you can explore villages, walk in the nature, and fresh up. Horse-riding, hiking, and visiting in villages, archaeological parks are always possible, if you ask the company of our tour guides.



Already the city nicknamed the King of Nature, having all the blessings by mother nature. Surrounded by range of mountains, having the biggest southern national protected park, Hotova Fir Dangelli, and the wildest river in Europe, Vjosa, this city is just amazing for nature explorers. The Thermal Waters of Benja are still a beautiful attraction, where you can swim, but also take care of your health. You can walk in Langerica Canyons which now are very possible to see and enjoy, due to low level of water. But you can explore them, only accompanied by a tour guide.


You can’t go in Permet, without passing to the beautiful Gorge of Kelcyra. Stop for some hours in the city itself, there are very good hotels and restaurants, with delicious culinary of Permeti tradition.


A new discovery. Tepelena with its Canyons in Nivica, and amazing Peshtura Waterfall is a perfect place to travel this summer. The guesthouses are rising among mountains, so for all nature lovers and passionate people about adventurous tours, Tepelena is the right place. The culinary is just delicious from farm to table. On 13-14 August, Sofat Festival will come to Nivica Tepelena to give energy and adrenaline to this area.


An industrial city, looked gloomy from the national Road to Tepelena, Memaliaj is totally unexplored in its outdoors. The city is also shored by Vjosa river and there are  great natural monuments discovered lately such as White Rock 18m high, very beautiful. Vila Sofia Gllave a place to rest in this area.


Absolutely recommended during the summer. Having some of most important cultural assets, such as Labova of the Cross, Melan Tekke, the Castle of Shanisha, Libohova has a lively nightlife, young people, and great nature. Sofat Festival will be organized in September in Libohova, for the second time.

Sofat Festival


Archaeological site of Adrianopolis, many old churches, Pepeli Lakes, and mountains waiting to be explored are situated in this area.   Take a guide to accompany to all this unexplored area.

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