Kalaja dhe Kisha e Shen - Triadhes

St Triadha Castle, up to the hills in the end of Lunxheria region

St Triadha Castle is built during the reign of Ali Pashe Tepelena. It is located up to the hills in the end of Lunxheria region, north-east of Gjirokastra.

The castle of St Triadha stands like a small ship, in a strategic position with the aim to protect the region from enemies and to have a view of all the parts of Gjirokastra. This cultural monument is accessible for all tourists and visitors. To go there, you should head for Valare, 4-5 km far from Gjirokastra.

Ali Pasha planed this castle as a stronghold to face the pressure from other big families of Gjirokastra and as strategic point in the center of Drinos Valley. Later Ali Pasha used this castle as a stooping place during his trips from Ioannina to Tepelena castle.

Ali Pasha has inspected all the works for building the castle, which also serves initially as a shelter for the soldiers from Greece. To respect their faith, he also ordered to build a small church for the soldiers.

St Triadha Castle is built in the end of 1700 and beginning of 1800. It has a surface of 1.5 ha, with two entrances and 3 towers. After the downfall of Ali Pasha of Ioannina, even this castle become unimportant. During the communist regime the ruins of this castle served as an army station. St Triadha castle of Gjirokastra is declared as a cultural monument in June 1973.


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